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Our Story

Bunisha comes from the Swahili word "buni" which translates to "innovate". We are an eBusiness platform that has come up with systems to simplify day-to-day business challenges that individuals and organizations face. These systems focus on originality, usability, and scalability. We also connect customers, partners, and users to discover new business opportunities and ease of doing business.

our mission

our mission

To provide an online platform for all your business opportunities.

our vision

our vision

To automate all business processes to a CLICK.

Our Core Values


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Our Services

To enhance good customer experience, customization is a key feature of our services. Through partnerships, we have rolled out several online business support systems. They assist businesses to acheive digital transformation and organizations to become more responsive, agile and efficient.

Convenience is a critical factor in determining how our clients make decisions about what services to use and that's why we understrand and implement services that are convenient to our customers by researching and designing solutions based on their needs.

Our aim is to create value for our partners and clients as we implement strategies, establish business opportunities, engineer technology and deploy digital solutions leading to growth and prosperity.

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Our Business Journey

Our Business Journey

family bank - partner logo

We have partnered with Family Bank to provide you with unsecured bid bonds at affordable and competitive rates. The bank embraced digital transfromation when it was the first bank in Kenya to introduce paperless banking through smart card technology that enables customers to transact without having to fill in deposit or withdrawal slips.