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Register a limited liability company with us in under 20 working hours & Business Names in one working day!


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Register a Company Name and make your business official, we will facilitate the process for you so you can focus on the more important things.


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From a name search to receiving your certificate of incorporation, Bunisha will facilitate the entire process in under 24 working hours.

Certificate of Incorporation
KRA Pin Certificate


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When converting an existing business name to a Limited Liability Company, the cessation of a business name is a prerequisite step. We do it in a day.


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Link an existing company to your E Citizen. This is required for most e Citizen company related services.


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Our experienced company consultants will facilitate director leaving, adding directors, transfer of shares, forfeit if shares and more. Request for a quote today and let's sort it out for you.


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We'll facilitate your company to get CR12 documentation, This process will take between 2 to 3 days, However, the company must have filed all it's returns see and must be linked to E Citizen


From CR12 Renewals, Director changes, Company returns and linking, We are your reliable partner for all e Citizen company services

  Company Hosting

To enjoy the full benefits of our system, set up your company today on our platform. Generate Quotes, Invoices & Digital stamps among more...


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For small and new companies with few documents.

Company Experience 3
Company Equipment 3
Company Financial Standing 1
Mandatory Documents
Company Personnel 3


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For medium sized companies with 5 to 10 employees and 1 to 3 years experience

Mandatory Documents
Company Experience 5
Lease Agreements & Equipment 5
Financial Standings 3
Company Personnel 5


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For large and experienced firms with a large number of equipment, employees and experience.

Mandatory Documents
Company Experience 7
Lease Agreements & Equipment 7
Financial Standings
Company Personnel 7
Document Compilation 1

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